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​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 

The Fieldworkers Club
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Thoughts from a few of our club members....

Dan; Chicago, IL 

2014 Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition 

"I have been on countless fishing trips to a number of tremendous locations.  The Tarpon Tagging Expedition in 2014 was, however, truly my most unique.  The quality of the fishery, accommodations, and guide staff would already make this trip a success.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible program assembled by Adam.  Allowing anglers an opportunity to donate their skills set to the scientific community places this expedition format into a class of it’s own.  The marine biology and ecological knowledge which Dr. Jerry Ault shared with our team was a “game changer”.   Having a world class angler in Stu Apte educating and coaching the field workers (anglers) in the disciplines of preparation, technique, and mind-set, in order to effectively carry-out our mission, was priceless.  I sense a void in the angling community starting to be addressed.  Adam has designed an experience with a purpose.  The net result is an expedition which creates memories and friendships that last a lifetime."

Brandon; Houston,TX 

2014 Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition 

"It seems that all I hear about are the issues our fisheries and oceans face on a day to day basis.  It gets discouraging at times.  I know I have asked myself, "What can I do to help?"  Sure, an individual can give money and join various conservation groups which is great, but the tagging expedition in 2014 gave me a great opportunity to get involved with a hands on approach.  The trip also gave me the opportunity to share meals and fish with Stu Apte, acquire valuable knowledge from a group of like minded individuals, talk to one of the leading scientists in the field of ocean conservation, make friends with complete strangers who share the same passion, and all of this while having an amazing time is a life experience I will never forget"