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Adam Marton

Founding Member 

Adam Marton founded The Fieldworkers Club after seeing with his own eyes the decline in the recreational fisheries resources he grew to love. Things have changed in the 3-decades since he started traveling around the world with a fly rod. He is a passionate, accomplished fly angler and conservationist from Chicago who spends more than 100-days a year fishing for steelhead, tarpon, bonefish, permit and trout. Adam is an active member of the US fly fishing community who volunteers his time to support fly fishing activities, participates in fund raising tournaments and is a member of several clubs, conservation organizations and foundations. Over the years he has supported BTT, TU, The Atlantic Salmon Foundation and The America Museam of Fly Fishing. He worked with BTT in 2011 to start the Nurture Belize program. In 2013 he worked with the Tres Pescado Tournament to start the Carlos Marin Foundation. In 2010 he formed a relationship with Dr. Jerrold Ault the internationally acclaimed Marine Biologist of the University of Miami that changed his life. This is the cornerstone relationship that has provided the foundation and subsequent building blocks for The Fieldworkers Club. 

His early professional career was spent working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources running an environmental education summer camping program for 800 high school kids in 5 camps annually. Marton made a transition into the world of television production in 1996 and has been in Chicago producing and directing TV shows, marketing films and commercials since.

Marton founded The Fieldworkers Club to afford people an opportunity to actively participate in advancing science while pursuing their passion, learning and having fun. Adam says, "it's humbling to be surrounded by this incredible group of people. They just want to do what they can to make things better. These are not folks that talk about doing all this one day, these are people who actually pack their bags, throw their rods in a case and get involved".

Marton developed a belief early in life... The single most valuable thing a human can possess are his positive memories. He has unending ambition to foster opportunities for others to create positive memories and thinks fly fishing is an extraordinary activity to develop them around. Marton says, "the continual downward trend of our recreational fisheries resources would be a devastating blow to the millions and millions of people around the world whose fondest childhood memories are catching their first fish on the dock, boat or shoreline with dad." 



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