​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 

Glen is ready! 

How big was that fish Kevin?!?!? 

Learning how to tie the perfect Blood Knot 

Our 2 Favorites 

Catching Fish is fun!

First tarpon on fly! 

About to release a tagged 80# adult tarpon caught by Frank from Chicago on day 3 of the expedition 

I think you got one Jeff! 


Which One??? 

Chill out guys!!! 

This is how to use the rod to really pull on a fish 

Daily Workshop 

Fishing Buddies for life  

Eric from North Carolina 

Long Caye Black Death 

Brothers from another Mother


Pull Rees Pull!

Serious after school discussion going on here   

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That fly is not coming off 

110# adult tarpon tagged and released on August 22, 2015 in northern Belize 

2015 Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition Team 

Clean release

You got it Dustin! - You learned how to cast the whole line!  Great job!!! 

Do-Rag Dan - The Man with The Plan! 

Good Morning Belize 

There you go Jeff - Catch us one we can tag 

John and Captain Kechu just hate those early mornings in Belize 

Megalopes Atlanticus 

Glen from Texas 

Fathers & Sons 

Not exactly the Ready Position we talked about...

Seth has some serious skills