How big was that fish Kevin?!?!? 

Learning how to tie the perfect Blood Knot 

Good Morning Belize 

Eric from North Carolina 

Long Caye Black Death 

Seth has some serious skills 

Brothers from another Mother

Not exactly the Ready Position we talked about...

312-440-1200  ---

Catching Fish is fun!

First tarpon on fly! 

About to release a tagged 80# adult tarpon caught by Frank from Chicago on day 3 of the expedition 

John and Captain Kechu just hate those early mornings in Belize 

Glen from Texas 


Pull Rees Pull!

Serious after school discussion going on here   

110# adult tarpon tagged and released on August 22, 2015 in northern Belize 

2015 Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition Team 

Clean release

You got it Dustin! - You learned how to cast the whole line!  Great job!!! 

Which One??? 

Chill out guys!!! 

There you go Jeff - Catch us one we can tag 

Daily Workshop 

Fishing Buddies for life  

Megalopes Atlanticus 

Fathers & Sons 

Glen is ready! 

Do-Rag Dan - The Man with The Plan! 

I think you got one Jeff! 


This is how to use the rod to really pull on a fish 

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That fly is not coming off 

Our 2 Favorites