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​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 

The Fieldworkers Club
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312-440-1200   adam@fieldworkersclub.com

The Fieldworkers Club assists scientists and resource managers in their efforts to conduct recreational fisheries field research projects in lakes, rivers and oceans around the world.  

Imagine being part of an elite team that ventures out to world class fishing destinations near and far to lend a hand in advancing science while enjoying some of the finest fly fishing on the planet. Then spend an hour or so at the close of each day learning how to become an expert fly angler from the very folks who wrote the books on the sport. That's The Fieldworkers Club! 

The Mission...

To enable science that will pave the way to improved recreational fisheries, while creating positive lifelong memories and opportunities for learning for it's members. 

Why we do it...
The days of simply going fishing and not doing what we can to steward the resources are over. Odds are, if we don’t get actively involved in making things better, future generations of people like us won’t be able to enjoy fishing as we have. The time for action is now. While an alternative is to take action by financially supporting the many wonderful resource stewardship organizations that are out there, this solution is simply not adequate for some people. Many of us can't contribute enough funds to even make a dent. But, we still want to get involved at a higher level. The Fieldworkers Club members are a special group of people who get involved, dig in and get their hands dirty. We are people who participate in enabling science in an effort to make things better. 

How it all works...
We harness the power of the angling community and couple it with the scientific community. We partner with academic institutions and resource managers that have established research projects in process and need assistance conducting their field work. This work is performed by our club members during scientific fly fishing expeditions we lead around the world.  All expeditions include world class fishing, scientific fieldwork and educational seminars. Expedition teams include a club leader, 8-20 team members, a highly accomplished fisher-person and in some cases a world class scientist. Project fieldwork can include tagging, surveying, photography, sampling, documenting, data collection and reporting.  All fieldwork is done while in the act of fishing. 

The Critical Partnership...
It turns out that fisheries field work is hard and there are many challenges. It always requires highly specialized skills and often these skills are a key factor in the success or failure of the studies. Fishermen possess many of the highly specialized skills and time required to capture fish. After all, in most cases scientists are not fishermen and fishermen are not scientists. This is the key link. Simply said, "we catch em - they tag em".

In Summary...
It would be nice if the burden of responsibility for solving the issues of declining recreational fishing resources were placed fully on the shoulders of government and institutions only. But, history shows this is not a strategy for success. The Fieldworkers Club is a growing group of engaged devotees who participate in assisting science while in the act of pursuing the sport we hold dear. The entirety of our expedition program is designed to offer rewards that go way beyond growing a collection of fishing trip hero-shots. People return from our expeditions having laid a few of the building blocks that will hopefully leave a legacy that insures our children's children will be able to enjoy the same opportunities we have all been fortunate enough to enjoy.