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The 2017 Expedition Team Landed 40 Tarpon, Jumped Another 114 and Tagged 18!

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2023 Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expeditions   

Our goal is to help teach you how to become a world class tarpon fly fisher person. We run daily skills building workshops and offer on the water instruction that we know will teach you more about the sport in one week than you could learn in ten years of standing on the bow of a flats skiff on a traditional charter.  

We help lay the building blocks for a lifetime of fly rodding for tarpon!    

Expedition Leader,
Dr. Jerry Ault 

March 18 - 25 (sold out) &May 20 - 27, 2023 (sold out)

To learn more or reserve your spot, please complete the information below. 

Mothership Tortuga 

Jardines de la Reina is a spectacular place

 There are exactly 2 spots remaining on the May expedition during this prime 2023 tarpon week. This is a chance to be a member of a Fieldworkers Club expedition. We will work in partnership with The University of Miami to advance the science of global tarpon research while in the act of fishing in this pristine Cuban fishery.   The 2023 expeditions will by led by Adam Marton and University of Miami’s Dr. Jerry Ault with the scientific focus on conventional tagging. There will be 5 3/4 guided fishing days and 6 nights. The Cuban guides are world class and totally up to speed with contemporary fly fishing techniques. 

2023 Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expedition ​

Tortuga is a double decker floating hotel permanently moored in a protected channel and never moves regardless of wind or weather. Make no mistake, this is no cruise ship, parked 50-miles off shore this custom built Cuban casa and offers salt water fly fishing junkies immediate access to some of the finest flats on the planet. Spacious comfortable accommodations and room to spread out plus WIFI, air conditioning, private baths and amazing Caribean food with an Italian flair.      

The 2023 Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expeditions are an ongoing partnership effort in it's 12th year between anglers and scientists.  There are many other Cuba fly fishing trips out there, we are not for everyone  Nowhere else however will you find an opportunity to become a member of the expedition team that leads the charge to advance global tarpon science. Members of the Fieldworkers Club are anglers from all over the world who care deeply about stewarding the resource and dig in to do what they can to help pave the way to a sparkling future for the Silver King.  

Join us in 2023 in southeast Cuba for the Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expedition. This is not just a fishing trip, it’s an expedition. Year 11 of a multi-year partnership between tarpon anglers and the scientists of the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.  The scientific goal is to place conventional tags on tarpon that live in these Cuban waters. Doing this should put us one step closer to learning how to ensure the success of the tarpon we hope to see for years to come. Accomplishing the goal will not be easy, it requires an active partnership between world class anglers and world class scientists. 

Expedition Leader,
Adam Marton 

​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 

We have the science, now we need more anglers.          

We are headed to Gardens of The Queen (Jardines de la Renia) to use our expert fly fish skills to help pave the way to a brighter future for the Silver King. 

A Cuban marine park nearly the size of the entire Florida Keys, established in 1986 with zero development and limited to only 16 skiffs a week. It's hard to get your head around all of this, but it's true. Beyond the outfitter and a few other lobster fishing or ranger's boats you will not see another vessel.  This area is by far one of the most sea life abundant, pristine and undeveloped spots on planet earth. It is the highly limited utilization and restriction of activities that makes this place so pure. Just for a moment, compare all this to the Florida Keys, Yucatan, Belize or places in the Bahamas where 100s of boats depart daily to fish, booze cruise, SCUBA, sunset sail, snorkel and jet ski.   That should give you some interesting data to consider. Environmental integrity is foremost in the Garden of the Queens. Uniquely the very essence of the health and purity of the park has been given the highest priority. It enjoys it's protection through it's utilization plan, not the reverse. The key is the limited utilization and for anglers seeking a spot, waiting 12-24 months is the norm. There simply is very limited capacity. Now is the time to reserve your spot on this years tarpon tagging expedition.    


312-440-1200  ---  adam@fieldworkersclub.com

Gardens of the Queen - Cuba 

2017 Fieldworkers Club Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expedition Team

The 2020 Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expeditions will take place March 18-25 (sold out) & May 20-27, 2023 in the Cuban archipelago of Jardines de la Reina (Garden of the Queens).  There will be 5 & 3/4 guided fishing days and tarpon fishing workshops. Participants should expect to come home from this expedition with the knowledge they were part of a team doing everything it can to advance tarpon research in Cuba. Plan on learning about tarpon and tarpon fishing from some of the most passionate tarpon anglers in the world. We can’t wait to share what we know and look forward to enhancing your tarpon fishing for the rest of your life.  

Expedition fees include lodging, guided fishing, meals/soft drinks, exclusive expedition workshops & activities, an expedition shirt, a  donation to the University of Miami and all of the other benefits of the Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers. Avalon is world famous for great reasons and in every way a wonderful headquarters for the expedition. 

To learn more or reserve your spot please contact; 

Adam Marton -- The Fieldworkers Club,

5985 Trail End Road , Three Oaks, MI 49128
312-440-1200/office, 312-213-2324/mobile 

The Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expedition is an effort of The Fieldworkers Club, an organization that leads scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission.

We provide a critical partnerships between anglers and scientists.