2016 Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expedition  

Cuba 2016! 

John & Kevin had no fun at all

Garden of the Queens

The expedition team tagged 7 tarpon 

Expedition Team 

Tortuga - Home Sweet Home 

John & Joe

OK - But how's the food??? 

The 2017 Cuba Tarpon Tagging Expedition will occur April 22-28. This is a prime tarpon week in Garden of the Queens. Get in touch now to book your spot they will not last long. 

Brandon released this guy in a crocodile preserve - great job sir!!!  

Will, I think that one is a bit to small to tag. Come back in 10-years and lets see how big she is... 

There were some pretty nice bonefish around too...

Things happen very quickly in tarpon fishing - The fly never moved! 

Now those are some precious memories 

Jerry & Bill 

Thanks for bringing me on a trip of a lifetime Dad! 

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​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 

These guys put the fly exactly where it needed to go!

312-440-1200  ---  adam@fieldworkersclub.com

We got a few fish in the air!!!! 

Houston we have lift off! 

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Things are rough down there