OK I want to go fishing 

Tarpon and Bonefish Research Center 

Tagged Permit 

I can see you

A few bones up close 

This guy again..... Might be someone else's turn on the bow 

Measuring up for tagging 

He ate the fly! 

Bucket mouth 

Go free and grow up

Easy does it 

Healthy population from many age classes 

Dr. Jerry Ault & Stue Apte - Belize 2014 

Stu Apte & Adam Marton 

​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 

Captain Emir doing his thing

Bow to the Silver King

I think you have a nibble...

Now there's a crew! 

Stu Atpe & Lori Ann Murphy 

Tarpon Release 

Tagged Permit 

Permit Release 

Tagged permit release 

Is Stu Apte really giving me a pointer or two!?!?!  

The Silver King 

Nice permit Captain Kechu!

T245 about to be released in August of 2014 

It's really no fun down here

Getting the hang of it

Learning how to fight to win 

Not your typical classroom 

The Fieldworkers Club
5985 Trail End Road, Three Oaks, Michigan 49128 
312-440-1200   adam@fieldworkersclub.com

Congratulations Michael! ​Quite a first tarpon indeed

Lucky young man --- Actually received  "Of Wind and Tides" from Stu Apte himself 

Stop and smell the roses 

Not quite large enough to tag, but wow!  

Pretty Fish...

312-440-1200  ---  adam@fieldworkersclub.com

2013 Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition Team 

Quite a view

Looking at you

Good Morning!