The Northern pike fishery is one of the finest in the world. Trophies up to 53” have been landed on the fly and bigger have been lost!

North Seal is one of the World’s Northernmost walleye fisheries, the numbers and size of the fish will put a smile on any angler face and a fresh walleye shore lunch is one of the world’s finest delicacies . Walleye here live in the shallows and are easy targets for fly-fishermen.

The North Seal Watershed is world-famous for incredible trophy catch and release fishing. It is a top location to pursue the Canadian Grand Slam - Huge Northern pike, lake trout, walleye and Arctic Grayling. The variety, size and quantity of trophy fish available to anglers has made North Seal one of the finest fresh water fishing destinations on the planet.   

History abounds in North Seal. The first known people to inhabit the area were the Western Plano who moved throughout central Canada and the Northern U.S. in search of food and game around 4000 B.C. Then the Shield Archaic people, followed by the Taltheili Shale arriving from Northern B.C. and the Yukon Territory around 750 B.C. All these groups were nomadic tribes following the game, usually bison to the South and caribou to the North, as the animal herds moved. Twenty-two prehistoric sites were found on Egenolf Lake and the nearby Robertson esker. All of these groups are the forerunners of the early Dene and Cree, the local aboriginal groups who utilize the North Seal area to this day. In fact, today these same people whose ancestors first followed the great herds across this area are the guides who will make your experience unforgettable.  

We are headed to subarctic of far Northern Manitoba, to a 5-million+ acre Canadian watershed exclusive to less than 50 guests per week. A spectacular place, Northern Manitoba’s North Seal River is vast, remote and unique, with a beauty, topography and heritage unlike any other in Canada. Almost the size of the state of Vermont, the North Seal River watershed sprawls from northwestern Manitoba to Hudson Bay. The North Seal is a Canadian Heritage River, only accessible by air and 320km from the nearest road.

Gangler’s remote wilderness camp offers just a few special anglers each season ready access to explore this incredibly large and diverse sub-artic pristine watershed. With its comfortable accommodations, wonderful meals, fun gathering places, 1:1 guest to staff ratio and Starlink WIFI internet most everyone will feel right at home.  

Never before have anglers had the opportunity to use their fishing skills to lend a hand in tagging fish and collecting data in subarctic Northern Manitoba.  Led by Fieldworkers Club Founding Member, Adam Marton and esteemed Canadian Biologist Dr. Brian Kotak, Ph.D. , it will be unprecendented.

Travel starts with an overnight in Winnipeg (United, Delta, Air Canada & Westjet), the last 600+ miles has been made easy with private air charter direct to the North Seal landing strip. Most people can reach their own bed in the same day on the way home. 

Fly anglers will love the Arctic Grayling fishing at North Seal with miles and miles of classic, untouched river. Particularly beautiful, these Arctic Grayling are some of the most abundant, majestic and picturesque in the world.  

This is a first! An opportunity to join an exclusive team of anglers on a scientific fly fishing expedition to Sub-arctic Manitoba. This is your chance to be part of a very special team helping the scientific community unlock the secrets critical to understanding how enormous Canadian Northern Pike utilize the entirety of a 5-milllion acre remote glacial watershed.  

Dr. Brian Kotak, Ph.D.

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Sub-Arctic Monster Pike Tagging Expedition

The  Sub-Arctic Monster Pike Tagging Expedition will take place at Gangler’s North Seal in Subarctic, Manitoba. The fee including travel from Winnipeg, meals, accommodations and fishing is TBD/per person based on double occupancy in room and boat. There will be 6 ½ guided fishing days, tagging and workshops. Participants should expect to come home from this expedition with the knowledge they were part of a team helping to advance fisheries research in Manitoba, Canada. Plan on learning about Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Grayling fishing from some of the most passionate anglers in the world. We can’t wait to share what we know and look forward to enhancing your fly fishing for the rest of your life.  

Expedition fees include shared lodging, guided fishing, meals/soft drinks, exclusive expedition workshops & activities, an expedition shirt, and all of the other benefits of the Ganglers North Seal. Fly-outs to day lakes, bar and miscellaneous charges are extra. Gangler’s is world famous for great reasons and in every way a wonderful headquarters for the expedition. 

To learn more or reserve your spot please contact; 

Adam Marton -- The Fieldworkers Club
5985 Trail End Road , Three Oaks, MI 49128
312-440-1200/office, 312-213-2324/mobile 

The Sub-Arctic Pike Expedition is an effort of The Fieldworkers Club, an organization that leads scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission. 
We provide a critical partnership between anglers and scientists.


Lake Trout fishing can be off the charts with beasts up to 50-pounds, daily catch numbers well into the double digits and schools of fish so concentrated a fly or lure won’t reach the lake bottom before being attacked. 

Brought to you by the Fieldworkers Club and hosted by Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge. The Monster Pike Sub-Arctic Tagging Expedition is an opportunity to leverage your angling skills and help the scientific community by catching and tagging enormous Canadian Pike. Nothing like this has been attempted before!

Sub-Arctic Monster Pike Tagging Expedition 

Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge is located on Egenolf Lake, an enormous glacial lake which will be your base for some of the finest catch and release sportfishing for trophy northern, walleye, lake trout, and grayling found anywhere in Canada. With a well-appointed rustic wilderness lodge Gangler’s provides a homebase with cozy accommodations and personalized service offering Canadian culture and hospitality.

Egenolf Lake is on the main juncture for the North Seal River system and is the epicenter of Gangler’s exclusive 6-million+ acre allocation. That allocation features over 121 boats on 45 different lakes. It's hard to get your head around all of this, but it's true…. Beyond the outfitter, other guests and your guide, you will not see another person.

This expedition will help pave the way to an even brighter future for North Seal and other fragile subarctic wilderness watersheds. The scientific fieldwork will include tagging pike, walleye and arctic grayling while in the act of fishing. This important fieldwork will enable scientists to learn more about the fish and how they use the greater watershed as well as the mortality of the fish from recreational angling and other lifecycle factors.

Part expedition, part workshop, part wilderness adventure vacation. Everyone can expect long exciting fishing days on the water, evening fly fishing workshops, fascinating conservation discussions, big meals, comfortable accommodations, spectacular scenery, and star-filled evenings.   

Adam Marton

​A critical partnership between anglers and scientists. We lead scientific fly fishing expeditions with a mission.